PURE-E-FY water treatment solution

Providing people with safe potable water is one of the basic functions of government. In developed countries, this obligation is traditionally met using filtration, flocculation, and fluoridation, and chlorination. Reliance on this type water treatment has several basic problems in developing countries such as those in Africa: It is expensive and time consuming to create and operate such centralized infrastructures; and they do little to address water quality in rivers, lakes, ponds and streams that provide millions of people with their drinking water and are themselves subject to pollution from human and farm animal waste. Chlorinated water produces chloroform in people’s lungs and the chlorine may produce carcinogenic compounds as a result of reactions with other chemicals in water. So people saved from the bacterial infections may now face a slow lingering death from cancer. Filtration and flocculation do not remove many chemicals, thus by concentrating sewage in centralized wastewater treatment plants, one actually exacerbates pollution. Similarly, pharmaceuticals are concentrated in sewage treatment plants and not removed by most drinking water treatment plants. Most distressing is that diseases like cholera are resistant to chlorine. What are people in villages, remote areas and others who cannot afford clean water to do?

PURE-E-FY water treatment solution 

Wacoolen Technologies Inc. a JV with Africa H20 Inc. has recently made available a broad spectrum antimicrobial solution that is based on a unique and proprietary chemistry using copper sulfate penta-hydrate. We call the solution Pure-e-fy.
Unlike all other copper sulfate water treatment products, the copper is fully dissolved and more importantly, the release of the cupric ion is controlled by the biological demand instead of by water conditions allowing for long term control without over-treatment.  
Copper is essential for proper functioning of the immune systems in livestock, humans, and poultry. Pure-e-fy provides the most effective way for increasing copper levels thereby boosting animal and human immune systems without risk of potential toxic overdoses. 

Pure-e-fy can be used as a water purification solution, control algae, eliminate fungus, black mold, cholera, odor control, insect control in poultry, beef, swine and dairy drinking water, prevents rancidity, sanitizer, as a disinfectant in hospitals/medical environment, reduces time of food spoilage, increase shelf life of seafood and harvested foods, has medicinal benefits by attacking harmful bacteria in the body.   
Great for cleaning swimming pools too.

Recent research found that Pure-e-fy kills mosquito larvae. Thus, may be an effective adjunct to programs that seek to reduce the risks of Malaria, Yellow fever, and West Nile virus. 

Water treatment: Pure-e-fy will rapidly and evenly self disperse throughout the source water which it is applied - without mixing, stirring or agitation, minimizing equipment and labor costs. Regardless of dilution rate, Pure-e-fy’s active ingredient will always be uniformly distributed.

How does it work:

You simply pour the necessary amount of Pure-e-fy into the source water or wastewater. 1 part per 1 million or 1 part per 100,000 depending on type of water and if there are fish or just water. Is not harmful to fish, humans, wildlife, plants, grass. 

1 Gallon weighs 10 pounds
 Quarts: 12 per case, 60 cases per pallet
 Gallons: 4 or 6 per case, 6 cases per pallet
 5 Gallon, 30 Gallon, 55 Gallon, 275 Gallon drums

Our solution is registered as an algicide/bactericide with the US EPA and certified to NSF Standard 60 as a drinking water additive. It is an environmentally responsible product that is non toxic to humans, fish and wild life when used as directed.
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