Water For  Africa

Africa H20 was established in 2000 by Rick Anderson. The headquarters is located in Houston Texas with offices in Lagos Nigeria and Accra Ghana. Clean drinking water is one of the major challenges Africa and many other parts of the world face today. Most of the world's population lack access to clean drinking water. We at Africa H20 took on the challenge to find and provide solutions to the lack of clean drinking water in Africa by introducing air water generators in 2003, portable reverse osmosis systems in 2004, large production Reverse Osmosis systems and PURE-E-FY a liquid that you just pour into the source water or waste water, which reduces time and labor cost. Air water generators produce drinking water from the humidity. Most coastal areas have high humidity making them ideal for air water machines. Portable RO, reverse osmosis systems can be diesel or gasoline powered and are ideal for areas where power/electricity is a problem. They can produce from 600-3000 liters per day. Large RO water treatment systems, including desalinization plants can be designed to treat  hundreds of millions of gallons of water per day. These RO systems can be made to treat any type source water including sea water. 

Recently we have been working on several new water technologies such as non electrical purification methods for small villages and disaster areas. This technology can produce 2-6 liters of water per day at a one time cost of less than 25usd each. We are also working with a breakthrough technology which can purify any dirty water and make it good to drink. This process uses, PURE-E-FY, a liquid that you just pour into the water and within 48-72 hours it cleans the water. 1 gallon cleans 1 million gallons of source water such as river, lake, pond, reservoir, stream, container, bucket, barrel or any standing water at a minimal cost.  
 We  will continue to develop and introduce new water technologies that will help solve the water problems in Africa and other parts of the world. 

We also have the New Water and Salt powered Light. This new product produces light using most liquids including sea water and urine with specified amount of salt. It is great for Villages, Emergency, Disaster Area, Area with little or no Electricity and for Camping. No need to buy anymore batteries. 

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